It is a next generation brand of bedding that is planned, developed, and produced by INOAC with the concept of “New inspiration in sleep.”

What are the insides of AEROFLOW mattresses made of?

Polyurethane foam. We carefully select and combine polyurethane foam made with patented INOAC technologies and processing technologies from among hundreds of varieties of foam.

I don’t know what type of mattress to choose.

Each type of AEROFLOW mattress is made to appeal to the female sense of comfort, and they are divided into a soft type, medium type, and hard type by the hardness of the interior polyurethane.

Soft type 《NUAGE

Sink slowly into soft comfort designed to feel like being on top of a cloud.

Medium type 《FACET

Finely textured and moist sensations just like human skin. Distinctive structure of hexagons properly surrounds and supports the body.

Hard type 《MUSE

Neither too soft nor too hard, firmly supports the body with bounciness like latex making it easy to roll over during sleep.

Are AEROFLOW mattresses low-repulsion, or high-repulsion?

We have combined various low-repulsion and high-repulsion polyurethane foams and created a new type of sleep comfort that is neither one nor the other. Please check each product page for the combinations of polyurethane foams.

Is there a smell?

There will be a particular smell for a brief period of time after the product goes into use, but there are no hazardous substances that could cause the body any harm. If the smell is of concern, please let it dry in the shade for a sufficient amount of time before use. It may take one to two weeks for the smell to become unnoticeable.

I would like to know how heavy the mattress is.

Product weight:

NUAGEMattress topperapprox. 5.3 kg
Pillowapprox. 0.9 kg
FACETMattress topperapprox. 5.4 kg
Mattressapprox. 8.9 kg
Pillowapprox. 0.9 kg
MUSEMattress topperapprox. 7.6 kg
Mattressapprox. 11.7 kg
Are AEROFLOW mattresses made in Japan?


Made in Japan
* Cover fabrics are made in China, sewing is done in Japan, interior polyurethane is made in Japan.


Made in Japan
* Cover fabrics are made in China, sewing is done in Japan, interior polyurethane is made in Japan.


Made in China

Are there different sizes?

They only come in single size. Production of other sizes is currently under consideration.

Can they be washed? I would like to know how to care for them.

The outer cover of all types can be removed and washed. When washing, please follow the washing instructions on the label. The interior and inner cover cannot be washed. (Some products do not have an inner cover.)

Moisture buildup in the mattress can give rise to mold, or mites. The surfaces that touch the walls or the bed are particularly vulnerable to moisture buildup, so please pay attention to ventilation and airflow on a daily basis.

Lint balls or pieces of fluff may appear due to the characteristics of the materials. In this case, please quickly care for the mattress using a lint remover or another such cleaning tool.

Please make sure to read the “instruction book” for details about other ways to care for the mattresses or things to be careful of in handling them.

Can I use a futon drier to dry the mattress?

Yes, you can use a futon drier.
However, sometimes the underside of the mattress does not dry out completely, so please make sure to sufficiently ventilate the underside.

Can they be used together with things such as heated carpets, electric blankets, or hot water bottles?

They can be used together with heated carpets and electric blankets. Please make sure to keep hot water bottles covered, and keep the water at a temperature that cannot cause burns. Also, using these together for long periods may accelerate the deterioration of the mattress, so please use carefully.

Can an AEROFLOW mattress topper be used on its own as a mattress?

The mattress types can be used on their own. Please use mattress toppers by placing them atop your normal mattress or futon. The covers can be washed, but we recommend covering them with thin sheets when using them.

Can they be used by placing them underneath a futon?

Placing AEROFLOW series mattresses underneath futons makes it harder to gain the effects of their special sleep comfort features and feel, so we do not recommend it.

Which side faces up?

AEROFLOW mattresses have a top side and a bottom side.
Please use them with the side that has the “AEROFLOW” logo facing upwards.When washing the cover, please do not lose track of which side of the interior is the top and which side is the bottom.

They have fasteners, but can the cover be removed?

The outer cover can be removed.
When there is an inner cover, please do not open the inner fastener or remove the interior materials.

Do you sell replacement covers for AEROFLOW mattresses and pillows?

We do not sell replacement covers. For pillows, please use 43 cm x 63 cm size pillow covers found on the market.