What is Inoac Living?

Inoac Living is an enterprise that delivers a convenient and enjoyable “life of comfort” by incorporating the various technologies and materials of Inoac, with its long list of achievements in the industrial field in Japan, into the products surrounding us in our everyday lives such as bedding, furniture, nursing care items and household goods.
We stay on top of the latest information coming from our overseas branches all over the world, and use it to generate new materials and ideas that consistently create new value in living.

Company Profile

Company nameINOAC Living Co., Ltd.
Head office locationOsaki West-city Bldg., 2-9-3 Osaki, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo
OfficesSapporo, Sendai, Tokyo, Nagoya, Osaka, Fukuoka
Capital10 million yen
Employees (INOAC Living)26
Main business area(s)1. Production and sales of furniture, bedding, and interior products and daily necessities
2. Development, production, and sales of welfare equipment
Please use the contact information below for inquiries regarding AEROFLOW.
Product inquiries
TEL : 0120-790-593
MAIL : pr-living@inoac.co.jp
Public relations inquiries
TEL : 03-3492-9214
MAIL : pr-living@inoac.co.jp

History of the INOAC Group

1926Established the Inoue Rubber Production Plant in Atsuta Ward, Nagoya. Commenced production of bicycle tires and tubes.
1938Inoue Rubber Company was incorporated, commencing production of industrial rubber products (molded and extruded)
1954Established MTP Kasei Co. Ltd. under technical partnership with Bayer AG.
1955Commenced production of polyurethane foam for the first time in Japan.
1959Began selling “color foam” mattresses.
1960Automotive interior products using polyurethane foam were adopted for the first time in Japan.
1973Established Hukla Japan Inc., a joint venture with Hukla GmbH of Germany and Matsuzakaya of Japan to manufacture and sell sophisticated furniture.
1980Established Inoue MTP Co., Ltd. as a result of merger of the industrial rubber and plastic operations of Inoue Rubber Co., Ltd. and MTP Kasei Co., Ltd.
1990Changed company name from Inoue MTP Co., Ltd. to INOAC Corporation.
1994Integrated the living and lifestyle goods sales operations in the group to establish a new, comprehensive planning and sales company, INOAC Living Co., Ltd.
2005Created AEROFLOW, an original brand of bedding.
2008Established Inoac Housing & Construction Materials Co., Ltd. by spinning off company operations dealing with housing materials and piping materials for infrastructure.
2011Established a polyurethane foam production company in Sri Lanka.
2015Hosted International PU Forum, commemorating 60 years of polyurethane foam production.