Manufacturing for INOAC Living

Materials development, Design, Production & Manufacturing

Our manufacturing is always taking on new challenges and evolving, taking advantage of our strength in streamlined processes from materials development to product design, production and manufacturing.

INOAC boasts roughly 300 varieties of polyurethane foam.
Quickly gathering the latest information from our branches in Japan and around the world, we are consistently researching and developing materials with new functions and feel.

The covers of AEROFLOW mattresses are painstakingly crafted, with a completely original design that features our own unique arrangement of a trendy geometric pattern.
Their attractive appearance accentuates femininity.

AEROFLOW mattresses have a distinctive structure that is the first of its kind, combining our in-house developed new sensation polyurethane foam with the special processes we have perfected over our long history.
Our pride and pursuit of perfection are particularly apparent in places hidden from sight.

Producing and manufacturing in our own factories.
We produce safe, reliable products at all INOAC Group company-owned factories inside and outside of Japan, based on specifications that satisfy quality standards in Japan and in the countries where we do business.