New inspiration in sleep

Now there is a mattress designed for the shape of a woman’s body. Soft, rounded shapes. Supple hourglass-shaped lines. With the form of a woman in mind, these mattresses were made to provide the ultimate in sleep comfort. Next-generation materials developed by a global polyurethane foam manufacturer are incorporated for the distinct comfort variations of the AEROFLOW line, NUAGE, FACET, and MUSE, adding new inspiration to your night’s sleep.

AEROFLOW’s “Three Commitments”


AEROFLOW aims to appeal to women’s discerning sensibilities of what “feels good.” We provide sleep comfort that refreshes both mind and body, for women who strive to be beautiful, graceful, and feminine.


AEROFLOW has achieved the ideal level of comfort for the supple, pliant female body. Superior body pressure dispersion takes all the weight off the body, delivering a comfortable night’s sleep whether lying on your side or on your back.


AEROFLOW is a new mattress that incorporates over 60 years of development skill from materials manufacturing, together with comprehensive processing technologies. Sophisticated technology delivers the next-generation materials that add to relaxation during sleep.